You Gotta Believe!
I'm Laura.
I'm from New Jersey.
I love all things baseball
but specifically the Mets.
& if I listed all the athletes I love
and all the tv shows I cry over
I would be here all night.
So here is my blog.




this is herb

my roommate and I met him by accident at a local thrift store in the late fall and we’ve been friends ever since. we all go to lunch at once a week, and he always has the best stories. he’s an incredible person; he’s ninety-four and is extremely open-minded and cheerful and full of life and even still travels freely on his own. “don’t tell anyone, but for my ninety-fifth birthday I’m going to canada!”

this post means so much to me and i have no idea why


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#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context #part 2
(asked by anon)

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Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers basebrawl - 4/20/14

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flamingos really piss me off like what the hell are they doing??????

lookin 4 tha party

single and ready to flamingle 


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New York Mets + Puppies [x]

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hot people are so lucky im so pissed

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The scene with Black Widow yelling to people to get out of the way as Winter Soldier follows her through the streets really made me think that. I know everyone complained about the loss of life in Man of Steel and here was the non-superpowered Natasha actively trying to get people out of the way of the big bad. The audience expects that of Captain America but even the most morally dubious good guy is more thoughtful than Superman was in MOS

—From ONTD. I think this speaks volumes about how I feel about the DCU at the moment.  (via 1critic)
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Kit Harington for GQ - April 2014

jesus christ

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